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Daisy "Buffalo Bill Scout" Model 3030 BB Gun, Lever action, New in wrap
Lot #129

Item # 976400732

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Currently: 340.00 USD   First Bid: 20.00 USD
Time Left: COMPLETED # of Bids: 18 (bid history)
Started: 12/06/10 21:20:00
Ends: 12/15/10 21:23:00
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Daisy "Buffalo Bill Scout" Model 3030, Lever action repeating BB rifle. Mfg. 1969. NEW in original packaging! Wow! Now here is the ULTIMATE Christmas present for the young buckaroo (or oldster buckaroo) in your life! (Also a great Christmas present for the Peter Pan Baby Boomer in your life who just never grew up and some how missed out on the BB gun they always wanted! Ha!) Special run comemmorating the famous scout - Colonel William F. Cody - of the famous Daisy lever action BB gun that resembled the Winchester 1894 with a satin nickel engraved receiver and brown plastic stock - leather thong on front sling swivel. 40-shot repeater. Engraved with "Buffalo Bill Scout" on silver receiver. Drawing of Buffalo Bill's grandson - Fred Garlow (a friend of mine when I lived in Cody during the 1970's) on the packaging material along with the manual, hang tags and other paperwork. All enclosed in the ORIGINAL plastic wrap! What a find! Instructions and special offers on back of display pack. Very unusual to come across something like this, because any kid (like me back in the 1960's) would have ripped into this baby and been out shooting frogs and birds and other critters in the spirit of the old scout himself! Ha! Quite a piece! Think of this for your special little "Scout" in two weeks for a present... Sublime! Non-gun - can ship right to your doorstep.

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