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Up To Date Gunrunner News

New Gunrunner Store
In Cody, Wyoming

Yee haw! Our biggest news now is the recent opening of our Cody, Wyoming downtown firearms/sporting goods/auction store! Now we have two wonderful stores/auction facilities in which to serve you – the original Burton, Ohio facility and our NEW Cody store located right next to Buffalo Bill’s historic Irma Hotel on 12th Street. Gunrunner West will be offering a full line of modern firearms, ammunition, UW clothing, pawn for firearms, auction service, sporting goods and other gear essential to Wyoming hunting/fishing/camping. Scott teams up with Wyoming firearm retailer Robert Carter of Jackson/Cody who for decades was the top elk/deer guide in the Teton area and owner of two Jackson/Cody gun stores – together they have over 100 years of firearms experience. The new address of the Gunrunner West store is 1131 12th Street in Cody. The phone number is (307) 587-2272. Call Scott or Bob for a new firearm or stop by to consign your firearms to auction. More news is forthcoming as we convert this store to Gunrunner!

Cody Gunrunner Radio Show/Podcast
Scott has now completed a 25 show contract for the Big Horn Radio Network in Cody and there are even bigger radio show plans in the future for The Gunrunner Radio Show! The show will go on hiatus during the hunting seasons/holidays and resume in the spring of 2015 as podcasts you can hear right on this site. The last six months have been wonderful as Scott’s guests on the show included the actors of “Longmire”, “Top Shot”, “Best of the West”, “Eye of the Hunter”, Ted Nugent, Wyoming Game & Fish biologists, guides, outfitters, horsemen, Olympic shooters, notable gun collectors, all of the Cody gun manufacturers, politicians, wildlife law lobbyists, gun activists, 2nd Amendment proponents and firearm museum curators. As you know, Cody, Wyoming is the HEADQUARTERS of firearms with one of the world’s largest gun collections here and the totally positive firearms atmosphere in the great state of Wyoming. To listen to any of the 25 Gunrunner radio shows go to: and put “Gunrunner Radio Show” in the search box. Or you can Google “Gunrunner Radio Show” and the shows will come right up for listening. Stay tuned here for the NEW podcast shows and more great firearm topics!

Auctioning Machine Guns
We are a Class III Dealer (full-auto machine guns, short-barreled shotguns, silencers) and will be auctioning these NFA firearms in 2015. As you know, these are HOT items right now given the loopy atmosphere at the head shed... If you have machine guns with the proper paperwork, you can transfer these to us and we'll put them in the "BUY IT NOW" section or monthly auction site. Call Scott at (440) 834-0160 for more details on this exciting addition to Gunrunner Auctions! Rat-tat-tat! Rock and roll!

Gun Market Is Up!
The demand and prices for high-quality firearms is still up, up, up! Our sites here have recently set some national records for individual firearms and we're plenty happy about that. If you have firearms to sell, call me at (440) 834-0160. We can sell one or 1000 guns for you. NOTE: It is totally legal for you to pack your firearms up and send your firearms directly to me here at The Gunrunner - either by U.S. Mail, Federal Express or UPS. I receive guns all day long from all over the country! No license is required by you to ship your guns into me. We are a federally licensed firearms dealer. Just give me a call and we can discuss your collection. I specialize in estate collections. Our consignment fee for firearms is 15% (same as it has been for nearly 15 years!). You get paid in 15 days after the entire auction concludes for your auction guns. It's easy and fun to sell your firearms with The Gunrunner!

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Frequently Asked Questions
"Overtime" Bidding

Tips for using The Gunrunner auctions:
Please be SURE to READ the "Terms of Sale" before bidding. Note that we have a 10% buyer's premium - 5% waived for check, cash or money order.
2. All of our items SELL because they all start at $20 with NO RESERVE.
3. Realize the auction starts the first week of each month - new guns will start to appear during the first week and be added to each day until 200-350 are reached - all guns will have photos.
4. When you win an item, immediately E-Mail us at and get a total with shipping and fees.
5. When corresponding with us in any way about a win, make sure to include your AUCTION NICKNAME and the name of your FFL.
6. We hold both an FFL license in Ohio/Wyoming and a Class III full-automatic license and strictly adhere to all state and federal laws.
Cheers, Scott

Mauser Model 1896 "Conehammer", 7.63mm cal. auto pistol, 5 1/2" barrel, Germany, Antique

Russian SVT-40, 7.62x54R cal. semi-auto military rifle, 24" barrel, 1941, World War II

Gwyn & Campbell "Union Carbine", .52 cal. carbine, 20" round/octagon barrel, 1863, Civil War, Antique

CZ Scorpion Model VZ61, .32 cal. semi-auto pistol, 5" barrel, 3 mags, Hard Case, NIB

Colt Government TALO Series 70, .45 cal. auto pistol, 5", Brushed Stainless, Glahn Scroll Engraving, Cream Grips, Custom Shop, NIB

Colt Bisley, .32-20 cal. single action revolver, 5 1/2" barrel, 1908

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Auctioneer's Notes:
Welcome to the Gunrunner Online Auctions! We are constantly on the HUNT to bring you the most valuable and unique firearms this country has to offer! And we've found some dandies over the years! Firearms are pouring into the auction facility here from all 50 states and we are extremely gratified that gun collectors and estate administrators have such faith in us. We are now receiving and finding 700 fine firearms per month and this keeps us plenty busy! Getting great firearms is a lot like a treasure hunt – I’ve crawled through attics and musty barns, found guns sealed in walls, rummaged through army trunks, gone down in secret bunkers and hideouts - all kinds of mysterious caches to bring these gems to you. Every day is like a combination of "Pawn Stars"/"American Picker"/"Antique Road Show". We've found some GREAT treasures - the personal guns of Elvis Presley, a Colt SAA from the Custer battlefield, guns from the Wild West Show, Herb Parson's exhibition guns, TV series guns, famous movie guns, military prototypes and more wonderful pieces of Americana. We're always looking for that "Holy Grail" to bring to auction just for YOU! Join in the fun and bid on your dream gun! If you would like to place firearms in our sale just call me – Scott at (440) 834-0160 or E-Mail me at
Photo above is Scott researching a Winchester 1895 vintage lever rifle in one of the examination rooms.   

- Scott Weber,

Gunrunner Auctions
14538 North Cheshire St., Box 803
Burton, Ohio 44021

(440) 834-0160
(440) 834-3322
(440) 834-0185
(440) 834-1728 (fax)


Gunrunner Firearms and Pawn, LLLP
1131 12th Street
Cody, Wyoming 82414

(307) 587-2272
(307) 578-7242
(307) 578-7388
(307) 586-4256 (fax)

Burton Auction Facility Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 10am to 5pm EST

Cody Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday 9am to 7pm MST

Gunrunner Staff (left to right):
Josh, Jen, Meredith, The Gunrunner, Jill, Alton and Dale up in the bed manning the .50 cal.

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