Scott With HIPPO And Double Rifle – ZIM – 2023

Scott’s “Top 10” Consignment & Auction Tips

We’ve been auctioning firearms for 25 years now and I’d like to give you some tips for not only bidding, but consigning firearms.

  1. If you’re consigning firearms with us, please clean the bores, clean the scope glass and put some fine quality oil on the firearms prior to our pickup.  This lets us more quickly evaluate your firearms’ conditions.  Don’t “buff them up” or try to remove any of the corrosion or finish on metal or wood.  Don’t take sights or parts off.
  1. If you’re consigning with us, remember that the original factory box, any factory accessories, scope boxes, extra magazines, tools, catalogs, promotional items, manuals, factory paperwork make the firearm much more valuable.  We will enter these items onto your inventory sheet with each firearm.  We also will list ammunition.
  1. If you know the history of any of the older firearms, please include a write-up on this.  Also, it is very helpful if you make notes about some of the better firearms in terms of what features you want us to accent.  For example, if the firearms is custom-made or engraved, please jot down the gunsmith/engravers’ name and town for us to include in the description.
  1. If you are transporting firearms to us, please make sure they are wrapped in blankets or in cases or other protection so they are not damaged.  And if transporting to us, NUMBER ONE IS MAKE SURE THE FIREARM IS UNLOADED.
  1. If you are shipping firearms to us, please securely package the item and insure it for full value.  We have had some breakage of valuable firearms due to poor packing like simply wrapping newspaper around them without padding and failure to have packing top and bottom on the long guns – some have the barrels poking out when we receive them.  If you need tips on how to pack, we can provide that prior to shipping.  Use NEW sturdy boxes (we use ULINE) and high quality bubble-wrap and packing tape.
  1. It’s always a good idea for us to get a list of what you wish to auction prior to dropping them off or shipping items.  This gives us an idea of what truck to send for pickup or what to expect in terms of rack space and storage.  Send your inquiries and list to me at:  Thanks!
  1. In terms of bidding, it is best to NOT bid a “whole number” like $500 or $1000, but rather $540 or $1060” as bidders often “quit” on whole numbers and you can win the bid.
  1. Remember always that if someone bids in the closing minutes of any lot on its tenth day, THE AUCTION ELONGATES five minutes.  In theory, it could go to infinity…  Most “hot” auction will continue for 20-45 minutes after the scheduled end time.  It is up to you to constantly watch the clock and frequently REFRESH your computer by hitting the refresh button.  The designation of “WINNING” does NOT mean the same as “WON”.  Again:  Refresh frequently and do not quit until the auction has ended and it says “WON” or “LOST”.
  1. We start loading each auction on the 7th of each month.  On the 7th of each month we put up 50 lots.  And 50 more on each night until we hit 500 (sometimes we go to 550 or more).  So sometimes it’s best to not max out your bid on earlier items because more like items or other items you might want will appear later.  It takes ten days to completely load the auction each month.
  1. You can wait to have your items throughout the auction shipped together or you can have them come to you separately.  You can also pay at the end if you wish.  Make sure to tell Sarah or Meredith if you want to wait and pay at the end of the auction or have items shipped together.  Call (440) 834-0160.  Shipping rates, materials for shipping and insurance have been become increasingly higher, so shipping everything together makes the most sense.  Remember:  At the end of the auction we have over 500 items to ship, so the phones get tied up and the pipeline fills!  Emails are best at this time.

Have fun bidding and have fun watching your consigned firearms go up, up, up!  Gun markets are high RIGHT NOW, so please contact me.