Aa Daffy Model 42

10 Great NEW Features of our New Site

Here are some of our new features that will help you bid with more information/more photos and help you better keep track of your bids.   

  1. Notice that there are MORE photos than ever before.  On highly collectible firearms, we could place 20 or more photos to help you make a better decision.  You can blow up any photo to SCREEN SIZE with a double-click.  The new site allows very high resolution of each auction item – you can see engraving, markings and serial numbers with much more clarity.
  2. Bids are much easier to place and track.  Only you can see your maximum bid (all bids are proxy) at all times near each gun in blue and the text line under the gun’s photo will tell you if you are “Winning”, “Outbid”, “Won” or you have “Lost” the item.  You can also track all of your bids under the top pull-down menu entitled “My Bids”.  Notice that there is an “edit” button when you bid – it’s easier to add more “juice” to your bids.  There is a “watch” function available as you bid.
  3. RED countdown clock times are next to each individual auction item.  Also at the top of each page in RED is the time that the FIRST FIREARM of each 50 of the eight pods will time off and sell.  For those firearms on which you are bidding you can place them on your “Watch List” with an easy button.  As soon as one sells, it will drop off your Watch List.
  4. For every 50 lots there are two handy “View Mode” icons that allow normal viewing with all photos and descriptions. The other “View Mode” is very handy for quickly having a look at all 50 lots at once with your “Winning” bids highlighted.
  5. There are more categories to make sorting easier through all 400 auction lots.  We recommend you view the auction 1 – 400.  You never know what you might miss by sorting only. You move with the directional keys or type in a page number to move quickly through the lots.
  6. We have an app for Android and Apple that is free to download.  This will help you use the site on the smaller lap tops and smart phones.   The Apple app is a catalog app, so bids are redirected to the web site (just follow directions).    However, if you are using an I-Phone or I-Pad, you simply access our site with “Safari” and you’re all set to bid.  Our site runs on all browsers.
  7. We now have a “Contact” button so you can directly email me about any matter.  This email comes directly to my desk and will be promptly answered for all registration and bidding help.  You can also use the page to ask about any auction item.  All invoice requests/inquiries/tracking numbers should be directed to:  store@gunrunnerauctions.com.
  8. Speed and photo storage is much enhanced with this new site.  The same servers and power that Amazon.com utilizes is part of the AM power package.  As GR Auctions expands, this will be of the utmost importance.
  9. Quicker navigation:  You can easily see the 400 firearms by using the “page up and down” action with your mouse and then continuing with the site’s directional “arrows” top and bottom on each screen.  There is also a feature that allows you to go to any individual page at once or sort just the firearms you wish to see.
  10. Quicker navigation:   As soon as one of the 50 pods times out and sells, these are stored in “Past Auctions” at the top of each page.  This helps you know what auctions lots are still available for bidding and gets “SOLD” auction lots out of the way for even quicker navigation.

Have fun!

Best, Scott